Codes, Plans & Standards

  1. General Plan Update

    The purpose of the Grand County General Plan Update is to help local officials and citizens respond to demographic, economic, and land use change.

  2. Land Use Code

    Read the Land Use Code for the county.

  3. Construction Standards (PDF)

    All public or private infrastructure in accordance with these Grand County construction standards shall be designed by a professional engineer, licensed in the State of Utah and qualified to perform such work, and shown graphically as required by the County Engineer.

  4. Affordable Housing Study & Plan

  5. Nonmotorized Trails Master Plan (PDF)

    Review the Nonmotorized Trails Master Plan.

  6. Spanish Valley Transportation Plan

    Browse through the Spanish Valley Transportation Plan and all its figures.

  7. Scenic Byways Corridor Management Plan (PDF)

    Learn about the Scenic Byways Corridor Management Plan.

  8. Wilderness Plan

    Get information about the Wilderness Plan and the proposal map.