Flight Schedule

The current Boutique Air flight schedule for Moab Airport (CNY) to/from Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) and Denver, CO (DEN). Please note, the winter schedule starts November 1st, and runs through March.
Flight Number Depart City
Depart Time
Arrival City
Arrival Time
 APRIL Thru OCTOBER  -------------- --------------------- --------------  -- -- -- -- -- -- --
 724 CNY   6:30 AM SLC   7:40 AM X X X X X X
 734 DEN   7:05 AM CNY   8:35 AM X X X X X X X
 725 SLC   8:10 AM CNY   9:05 AM X X X X X X
 735 CNY   9:05 AM DEN 10:15 AM X X X X X X X
 726 CNY   9:35 AM SLC 10:45 AM X X X X X
 727 SLC 11:15 AM CNY 12:10 PM X X X X
 731 CNY 12:55 PM DEN   2:05 PM X X   X X X X
 732 DEN   2:50 PM CNY   4:20 PM X   X X X X X
 728 CNY   4:50 PM SLC   6:00 PM X   X
 729 SLC   6:30 PM CNY    7:25 PM X   X X X X X

Important Notes

  • Boutique Air Customer Service: 855-268-8478
  • Boutique Air Website: www.boutiqueair.com
  • Common Issue: "I can't find a flight from where I am to Moab, are there flights?"
    • This issue is sometimes found while using sites such as Expedia or Priceline or similar sites.
    • Try searching for a 'multi-city destination route' with either Denver, CO or Salt Lake City, UT as an intermediate city.