Flight Schedule

The current Boutique Air flight schedule for Moab Airport (CNY) to/from Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) and Denver, CO (DEN). Please note, the winter schedule starts November 1st, and runs through December 31. Due to a closure of the airport for construction, there will be NO FLIGHTS Jan 1 - Apr 30, 2018.
Flight Number Depart City
Depart Time
Arrival City
Arrival Time
 November Thru December  -------------- --------------------- --------------  -- -- -- -- -- -- --
 734 DEN   8:35 AM CNY  10:05 AM X X X X X X X
 724 CNY  10:35 AM SLC  11:45 AM X X   X X X X
 725 SLC  12:20 PM CNY   1:15 PM X X X X X X
 735 CNY   1:45 PM DEN   2:55 PM X X X X X X X
 727 SLC   2:05 PM CNY   3:00 PM X X X X X X
 726 CNY   3:40 PM SLC   4:50 PM X X X X X

Important Notes

  • Boutique Air Customer Service: 855-268-8478
  • Boutique Air Website: www.boutiqueair.com
  • Common Issue: "I can't find a flight from where I am to Moab, are there flights?"
    • This issue is sometimes found while using sites such as Expedia or Priceline or similar sites.
    • Try searching for a 'multi-city destination route' with either Denver, CO or Salt Lake City, UT as an intermediate city.