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Special Event Permit Application

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    Applying 45 business days prior to the first day of the event?

  3. 1. Event date verified with Travel Council for conflicting event dates?*

  4. 6. Will you be serving alcohol? Alcohol Permit (435) 259-1321. *

  5. 2. Public street/road or parking lot closure?*

  6. 7. Mechandise Sales/Vendors Requiring Sales Tax Collection?*

  7. Onsite Food Service Vendors Requiring Sales Tax Collection?*

  8. 3. Security or Escort required?*

  9. 8. Race, Parade or Pedestrian/Bicycle event?*

  10. 4. Emergency Management Services required?*

  11. 9. Additional needs-portable toilets, waste collection, & recycling?*

  12. 5. Stages, platforms, scaffolding, bleachers grandstands, canopies, tents, booths, vehicles and trailers?*

  13. 10. Approval/permits from other entities? (see section 10 below for more details)*

  14. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please supply more information below as pertinent to each question. More information about the elements of this Special Event Application may be found in the Special Event Guidelines and Instructions at

  15. We ask that all events verify their event dates for site availability and event conflict. Contact the Moab Area Travel Council to discuss availability. A letter from the Travel Council is a required attachment. In addition, please add your event to the Discover Moab website at; email high resolution images of your event to the Moab Travel Council for the benefit of Marketing. Elaine Gizler, Director of Moab Travel Council (435) 259-1370;

  16. All events that require street closures have street activities or require public parking to be blocked off must provide the following information and a Traffic Control Plan. Applicants may work directly with Grand County to provide these services. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office and the Road Department for a cost estimate for providing this service.

  17. Specify street/road(s) indicated on the Event Site Plan Sketch & Traffic Control Plan attached to this application. Streets or parking lots may only be barricaded for the date and hours specified below. Due to extraordinary demands placed on public roads by special events, Grand County reserves the right to require an engineered traffic plan for events expecting more than 250 participants.

  18. Grand County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to specify need for escorts and/or the number of security personnel required at an event. The Sheriff’s Office will review all Special Event Permit applications for required escort and/or security arrangements. The safety of the community and attendees are primary concern at all times.

  19. By signing this Special Event Permit application I certify I have read, understand and agree to the conditions as set forth by the Sheriff’s Office and any other conditions deemed appropriate.

  20. Applicants may make their own arrangements for escorts/security or may work directly with the Sheriff’s Office to provide these services. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office for a cost estimate for providing this service.

  21. The applicant will provide security or escort for the Special Event through the company listed below.

  22. Grand County EMS reserves the right to specify need for and number of Emergency Medical Staff required at an event. The EMS Department will review all Special Event Permit applications for required medical services. The safety of the community and attendees are primary concern at all times. Indicate which arrangement is planned for this event.

  23. Indicate One

    Applicant will work directly with the EMS Department to provide these services. Get cost estimate from the EMS Department and attach agreement. EMS Department (435) 259-1301

  24. The applicant will provide Emergency Medical Services for the Special Event. Fill out the following.

  25. Names and certifications of all medical providers shall be emailed to no later than 2 weeks prior to start date of event. See EMS Special Event Guidelines.

  26. May require inspection by the Building Department and/or Fire Department.

  27. Please contact the Building Dept. and Fire Department for information regarding permitting and inspections.

  28. Complete the state & county approval process 45 days prior to the first day of the event's proposed date to start. Please contact the County Clerk’s Office for temporary alcohol permit information (435) 259-1321. Local consent is granted by Grand County Council and must be approved and processed prior to obtaining a required Special Event Permit from the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (DABC) (801) 977-6800

  29. Special events sponsored by an existing, licensed business shall pay the special event license fee. Special events sponsored by a person or organization without a business license shall obtain a temporary business license in addition to the special event license

  30. Temporary Business Licensing is obtained at the County Clerk’s Office (435) 259-1321. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide all vendors with the information they need to collect and remit sales tax on the sale of food, drinks, souvenirs, services and any other taxable item or activity at the special event.

  31. All vendors participating in special events are required to obtain a Temporary Sales Tax License and Special Return from the Utah State Tax Commission. The license/return is only good for the event it is issued.

  32. Temporary licenses are issued to each individual participant of a special event or the promoter of a special event may receive a number of temporary licenses for the vendors participating in his/her show. Each Special Event Licensee is responsible for ensuring compliance with Utah State Tax Commission requirements

  33. Licensing is obtained by contacting the Special Events Unit in the Salt Lake City Office at 801.297.6303 or 1.800.662.4335, ext. 6303.

  34. Food Service Vendors require a Food Service Permit, NEW Summer of 2017, Event applicants now pay for food vendors at this time of applying. Also, event applicants are required to list food vendors with menus due to SEUHD one week before the first day of the event. Please complete and submit to Southeast Utah Health Department. See Food Service Permit for instructions.

  35. The following minimum requirements must be met.

  36. Daily restroom hauling and cleaning. Specify their locations on your Site Plan Sketch.

  37. Daily garbage pick-up.

  38. Required and is the responsibility of the permit holder.

  39. Attach a copy of the services agreement email or contract about the additional needs in this section 9.

  40. Grand County’s Special Event Permit does not exclude you from having to permit with other entities neither can Grand County issue permits or approve activities on behalf of other jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of the organization or event planner to secure any and all necessary approvals from other entities.

  41. Permits from other entities, if applicable. Please check all that apply:

  42. The following supporting materials are required:

  43. Please print, complete, sign and attach the Reimbursement and Indemnification Agreement located on the Special Event Permit Page


    Event holders must attach a detailed site plan (or sketch) that shows the precise layout of the event demonstrating, at a minimum the following information. Include the names of all streets or areas that are part of the venue and the surrounding area. If the event involves a moving route of any kind, indicate the direction of travel. No permanent paint shall be applied to public property for marking course routes.

  45. I certify under penalty of perjury that this application and all information submitted as a part of this application are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Should any of the information or representations submitted in connection with this application be incorrect or untrue, I understand that Grand County may rescind any approval, or take any other legal or appropriate action. I also acknowledge that I have reviewed the applicable Grand County Ordinance located on the County website ( and that items and checklists contained in this application are basic and minimum requirements only and that other requirements may be imposed that are unique to the event. I understand approval is non-transferable and valid only for the above mentioned location, dates, and applicant.

  46. Applicant Certification*

    I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.

  47. Moab Travel Council 84 N 100 E, Moab, UT 84532 Phone: 435-259-1340 Fax: 435-259-1376

  48. Grounds for Denial

    The committee may deny an application for a Special Event License on the following grounds.

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