Grand County
District Court
125 East Center
Moab, UT 84532

Claudia Page
Clerk of Court
(435) 259-1355

Chelsey Axtell
Deputy Clerk of Court
(435) 259-1350

Pam Bridwell
Deputy Clerk of Court
(435) 259-1351

Justice Court
125 East Center
Moab, UT 84532

The Justice Court is in charge of handling all infractions, Class C and B misdemeanors. Common misdemeanor cases that are processed through the Justice Court include traffic violations and safety citations issued to river runners. It is the responsibility of the Justice Court Judge to process the cases in a fair and timely manner.  The only civil court cases the Justice Court handles is small claims.

The Grand County Justice Court subscribes to the Mission Statement that the purpose of Justice Courts in Utah is: “To Improve the Quality of Life in the Communities Being Served.”

Appointed Judge
David M Tubbs

General Fund Acct. # 4122

David M. Tubbs
Presides over Grand County Justice Court

Valerie Mosher
Chief Court Clerk
Clerks court for Law and Arraignment and Trials
(435) 259-1336

Debbie Dowd
Deputy Court Clerk
Clerks court for Small Claims and Trials.
(435) 259-1335

Cathy Delay
Court Clerk
Receive and receipt fine monies and court clerk for trials.
(435) 259-1334

Juvenile Court
125 East Center St
Moab, UT 84532

Bonnie Bohannon
Deputy Clerk
(435) 259-1353

Christopher Blackmon
Juv. Prob. Officer
(435) 259-1354