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Star Hall


Built in 1905, Star Hall was originally used for secular & non-secular entertainment.  The building was renovated in 1968 and 2008, and is now used for films, plays, concerts, festivals & weddings. Click here for historical information relating to Star Hall.

Physical Address
159 E. Center St, Moab, UT 84532

Mailing Address
Star Hall
c/o Grand County Facilities Dept
125 E Center St
Moab, UT 84532

Seating Capacity
289 + 3 empty slots for handicap seating


  • Auditorium seating w/balcony 
  • Stage: 27' x 40'  & 12' usable height
  • Electric Movie Screen: 15' x 20'
  • Dressing rooms w/ restrooms 
  • Handicap bathrooms on main floor
  • Prop room 
  • Stage lighting
  • P.A. System

Food & Drink

No food or drink is allowed in Star Hall, with the exception of water.

Star Hall Committee

The Star Hall Committee Searches and applies for Grants, donations, and loans to complete the renovation of The Building. They consult with architects and historians in order to keep the building in its era. Also, they consult with the County on different levels according to the needs of the Facility.

Doni Kiffmeyer - Chairman
Miso Tunks - Vice Chair
Cosy Sheridan - Secretary
Kaki Hunter - Member
Theresa King - Member

Availability Calendar

Fee Schedule

Short-term Hall Rental (less than a week) $25.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)
Long-term Hall Rental (more than a week) $300 per week plus $25.00 per hour during performance night
Discount for 501(c)3 qualifying entity on Base Cost of Star Hall Rental (documentation required) 50%

Security Deposit 1
Due to the uniqueness of Star Hall and the effort put in to restoring and maintaining it, the County will retain the security deposit in its entirety if food and or drink are present. A County employee will do a walk through before the deposit is returned.

Open/Close Fee (if required) $30.00
Extra Custodial Service $18.00 per hour
Lighting Board and Public Address System Deposit 2 Use tech only
Projector, DVD, and Audio Supplies Deposit 2 Use tech only
Portable Projector/Use of Wireless Microphone $150.00

1 Note: Cost of damage will be levied against the deposit posted with the County. Remainder of the charges for damages will be paid by individual or entity in which the County has the rental agreement with. Security deposits will be forfeited when notice of cancellation is less than 24 hours.

2 Note: This equipment shall only be released to authorized individuals approved by the County. A list of names with contact information of authorized individuals is available upon request. Renter is to make arrangements with authorized individuals to provide service associated with the equipment. All other operators must be pre-approved by the County before the event.

3 Note: In the event any damage to the equipment occurs as a result of an unapproved person or persons handling, the Renter agrees to pay all costs to repair or replace equipment. Cost of damage will be levied against the deposit posted with the County. Remainder of the charges for damages will be paid by Renter with whom the County has the rental agreement.

Note: No food or drink is allowed in Star Hall, with the exception of water. It is the event organizer's responsibility to enforce this rule.

Grand County Lighting Board Technicians and Pre approval Instructions

  • Don Kiffemeyer Phone: 435- 259-8378
  • Miso Tunks Phone: 435-210-4953
  • August Brooks Phone: 435-260-2610
  • Chad Thomas Phone: 435-210-1321

(Any arrangements for time and payment made with the above Technicians will be made between the User and the technician, separate from Facility Rental/Hold Harmless Agreement)

Star Hall Poster Policy

  1. Only posters that refer to an event to be held in Star Hall are permitted.
  2. Posters must be
  1. 8 X 11 in size
  2. One sided only
  3. Full color is preferred
  1. Poster must contain:
  1. Only event info and sponsor logos
  2. Full contact information for the event organizer, which must include a phone number where the event organizer can be reached at any time
  3. Please note that there is nowhere on the Board that refers people to another number for information.
  1. Poster will be posted:
  1. Only 30 days prior to the event date
  2. By the County maintenance department
  3. Two posters can be up at one time , of different events
  1. Fortunately Star Hall is popular enough that there may be a time when events may overlap one another. If there are more than two events being held at the same time, the County will do their best to make sure that all events are represented on the board. The County may have to pull one down during its run so that another can receive some time on the boards. This will be at the discretion of the County.
  2. Grand County will post and remove posters. Anyone interested in having one placed must contact the County at 435-259-7386

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I'm just going to use Star Hall for a few hours each night for a couple of nights do I have to pay for the entire time or just the hours I use it?
You pay for the hours that you are physically in and using the facility. This includes setup time, event time, and clean-up time.
  1. May I use, sell, or serve alcohol at my event?
There is no alcohol allowed in or around the premises.
  1. If I would like to have the use of Star Hall donated to my organization who would I talk to?

You would need to go before the County Council and request this from the Council. If the Council agrees they must endorse your event in order for the County's insurance to cover it. If they donate the building, but do not endorse the event, you would still need to provide insurance.

  1. What form of payment Does Grand County accept for the Rental fees?

Cash, check, cashiers check or money order. Grand County is not set up to accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Star Hall History

This is an article written for the Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, March 28, 1993...

A Journey Back to Moab's Early Boom Days

Star HallIf you ventured to and through Moab before the uranium boom of the 1950's, you likely slept at the Apache Motel, downed a cup of coffee with Arches National Monument superintendent Bates Wilson, strolled the town's sandstone sidewalks, and attended to the business at hand in a County Courthouse where Judge Fred Keller held forth in a building rather too grandiose for under-populated Grand County.

Heading back to the Arches Cafe for lunch, you passed and may or may not have noticed Star Hall, one of the town's few other sizeable buildings in those days.

In 1883, well before Charlie Steen made his big find and long before Mitch Melich ran the Atlas uranium mill near the Colorado River bridge, a busy chap named Leonidas Leonard Crapo had paid the Federal Land Office up in Salt Lake City $200 for the acreage at 159 E Center street in Moab. He then sold it, in 1884, for $1000 - a rather neat profit for land held about a year. The purchasers, Randolph Stewart and Orlando Warner were the bishop and counselor respectively, of a new Latter-day saints Moab Ward. Previously, the town was none too godly, being inhabited, in part at least, by cattlemen and rowdy cowpunchers who had drifted over from Texas and Arizona.

By the time 1905 rolled 'round, the LDS church was well established, and in need of what members and non believers alike called an "amusement hall." Steve Day cut timber, Will Shafer did the carpentry and likewise provided a blueprint. Bill Hawks, who had come to Moab to work as mason on the new courthouse, put his skills to the task of laying the stone. Will Bliss hauled from a Goose Island quarry about a mile away. Angus Stocks, a blacksmith as well as a mason worked on the construction job. Angus later was recalled by old timers as one of the town's best fiddlers and square dance callers when the Star Hall was put to proper use beginning in May 1906.

These craftsmen, with nary an architect among them, built a stone-walled hall that is now termed "Richardson Romanesque" in style. That application comes about because it's rough-hewn, well laid pinkish stones and round-topped windows approximate the style of the much more elaborate structures designed at the turn of the century by Henry Hobson Richardson in Boston and Cambridge. Had one of the craftsmen, perhaps Will Shafer, ever seen a Richardson building? It's certainly doubtful.

Whatever the origin, Star Hall was and is graced by symmetrical pairs of windows flanking its main entrance. Its big double doors have sidelights and a fanlight for enhancement. Inside, the Star Hall provided a large room perfect for recreational, social and cultural activities of the Moab Ward. In an interview placed in the Utah Historical Society files, an elderly Moab resident, Lydia Ann Taylor Skews, recalled "they used to serve dinners there. Everyone would furnish food... there were long tables the length of the room, and after they got the meal out of the way and cleared, they'd dance most of the night."

Those lively LDS days and nights were social events for a decade or two, but in 1925 the Grand County School District purchased the building for a price stated as either $7,000 or $1. The School district then hired a well known Salt Lake architect, Walter E. War, who examined the building and suggested repairs and modifications. That was in 1925, after which Star Hall was used for classroom, auditorium and theater purposes. In 1968 another Salt Lake architectural firm, Richardson & Richardson, planned and supervised a major alteration - the "tilting" or rebuilding of the main floor. The result was a floor giving a better view of a new stage. Next came installation of 236 seats on the main floor and 56 seats in the balcony. The work gave Moab a community center which could and did provide for plays, concerts and such major school functions as graduation ceremonies.

Nowadays, the LDS church has modem buildings for such recreation as basketball games, while the schools have gymnasiums and auditoriums. But Star Hall, nearly ninety years after it's construction, remains a prime Moab meeting house for civic functions. It also serves as a concert hall and theater, as it did before the uranium boom. Now it fills the same needs during a lasting tourist boom in which Moab has river-running, bike riding and just plain "scenery-seeing" as attractions.

As for Star Hall's future - such citizen as Nancy Coularn and Lloyd Pierson, with considerable organizational support from town civic groups, have applied to the National Park Service to place the building on the National Register of Historic Places. Hopefully the Park Service will agree, which will help insure the structure against hasty demolition. Star Hall is, no matter how it came to pass, one of Utah's few late Victorian Richardsonian Romanesque buildings.

Written by Jack Goodman

Since this article was written, in 1993, The Star Hall was granted a place on the National Register of Historic Places and has since been transferred to the custody of Grand County. It is now under the advisement of the Star Hall Committee who searches and applies for grants and donations to fully restore the Building. Since Star Hall has been under the direction of Grand County and the Committee it has undergone even more renovations. Among those are replacements of the roof, windows and some tuck point also repainting the interior. Rain gutters have been added to protect the foundation. The finishing of the tuck point and a new film screen are in the works. The Building is still in use and becoming more popular all the time.


For bookings contact:

Marvin Day
(435) 220-0190 only between 8am and 5pm, Monday-Friday (for non-emergencies).

Event Promotion

Our Facility and Events Promoter can assist you with all aspects of planning your special event, meeting, retreat, wedding, reunion, sporting event, festival, show and much more.

Michele Hill
Facility and Events Promoter
(435) 259-1340

PDF Files

Facilities Rental Form
Facilities Rental Agreement

*** Important Notice: TULIP insurance (see below) OR a letter of event coverage from your group insurance is now required and it is the responsibility of the renter to apply for and provide proof to the county.

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program

Independent Contractors
Agreements for Independent Contractors

Lighting Board Technicians
County Approved Lighting Board Technicians and Pre-approval Instructions

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