Delinquent Parcel Tax Sale

Each year, Grand County identifies all parcels that have back taxes due from the tax year that is 5 years prior to the current tax year.   These parcels may be eligible for tax sale in May or June of the current year.  Parcels that are under bankruptcy protection may not be eligible for sale.  Parcels that have a deferment application approved by the County Commission will not be eligible for sale.  Parcels with defects in the title, federal liens or other ownership issues may not be eligible for sale.  Tax sale procedures for 2010 can be found here.

Due to the scarcity of private land and increasing real estate values in Grand County, most delinquent tax payers who can not pay the taxes, sell their properties on the open market rather than allow them to go to tax sale.  Grand County also makes every effort to contact delinquent parcel owners and facilitate tax payments to redeem the property prior to sale.  As a result, Grand County has not sold a parcel at tax sale for well over 10 years.  

The 2023 tax sale was scheduled for Thursday June 29th,  2023.  Any parcels that would have been sold would have  been advertised here and in the Times Independent newspaper no later than 4 weeks prior to the sale.  As of 6/6/23 all eligible parcels had been redeemed or deferred and the tax sale was canceled.