Small Area Plan Hwy 313 / US 191

The Grand County Council has tasked the Planning Commission and staff with developing a small area plan for the node around Hwy 313 and US 191. There is limited private property in the area, and there has been an increase in recent applications for development. The Planning Commission and staff are working hard to come up with a vision for this area and want it to reflect the Moab community's desires. Due to COVID-19 concerns, we will not be holding in person meetings at this time, but there are numerous ways to have your voice heard, starting with the survey (linked below). You may also contact our office at 435-259-1343 or e-mail with comments. 

Please take our survey!

New Small Area Plan Map
Green Line = Small Area Plan boundary
Grey = Private and Airport 
Yellow / Gold = BLM
Purple = National Park Service
Dark Blue = SITLA
Lighter Blue = State Sovereign Land