Digital Scrapbook Project

Moab’s Year of Pandemic Living: A Virtual Time Capsule 

Submission deadline extended to  April 28th! 

Scrapbook Prize - Teen

What has the past year been like for you?

With brighter days on the horizon, we're reflecting on what the past year has been like for our community. It’s been almost a year since schools and businesses in Grand County closed down and things started to get weird! Most of us have had to find new ways to amuse ourselves, and new ways to do ordinary things, as well.  Maybe you have found positivity in spite of the challenges. Or maybe it’s just been difficult.  

The Grand County Public Library invites you to share pictures that show how 2020 was different for you. We will assemble these together in a Digital Scrapbook to serve as a Community Time Capsule of the past year, and post it online for everyone to enjoy. 

What have you been up to? Have you been inspired to create more art? Send us a picture of your artwork! Write poetry? Read more books?  Snap a photo of your poem or a stack of books you’ve read. Take up a new hobby? Garden more? Get into cooking? You can send us your favorite new recipe or a picture of a meal you’ve learned how to cook! Perhaps you’ve found ways to be a Helper this year, sewing masks or delivering meals. Send us a photo! Have you been working or schooling from home?  A scan of a homework paper or photo of your messy (or Pinterest-worthy) desk would be great. Have you been insanely bored, staring out the same window every day? Send us a photo of your view! Maybe you housed a bunch of new plant friends or adopted a puppy? Show us how your friendships have blossomed! Anything that depicts how 2020 was different for you, along with a short caption or description.

 Many journals are full of little objects as well as writings and pictures: things like feathers, pressed flowers, and interesting leaves. Scans or photos of things like this are welcome.

All ages are invited to participate: It's important to record history from as many viewpoints as possible. You may submit anonymously if you like, but all entries with a name will be entered into a sweet prize drawing. There will be 3 drawings: one for adults, one for teens and one for children. The prize for each will be an age-appropriate journaling kit including a high-quality blank journal, and several different types of art supplies like colored pens, colored pencils and glue sticks, as well as a gift certificate to Back of Beyond Bookstore. Drawing to be held on April 29th! 

Between March 1st and April 28th, please email photos, documents and scans to along with a description or caption.  Optional: include your name and email or phone number (so we can reach you if you win the prize drawing).

If you don’t have access to a computer, camera, or scanner, the library can help!  Call and make an appointment to use our equipment (435-259-1111).  Need more help? Ask for Jessie or Christina and we’ll do our best to assist you! 

Let's get busy making something wonderful out of our collective experience of Moab's Year of Pandemic Living!