Digital Scrapbook Project

Moab’s Year of Pandemic Living: A Virtual Time Capsule 

Final Scrapbook

With brighter days on the horizon, we've been reflecting on what the past year has been like for our community. It’s been over a year since schools and businesses in Grand County closed down and things started to get weird! Most of us have had to find new ways to amuse ourselves, and new ways to do ordinary things, as well. Businesses and organizations had to reinvent operations and we all had to learn to navigate under all these new conditions.  Many of us have found positivity in spite of the challenges. But for others it’s just been difficult.  

The library asked community members to share examples of how 2020 was different for them.  Some shared photos documenting changes and unusual sights. Some shared examples of how they filled their spare time with creative projects like gardening, art and poetry.  All of these show a resilient, determined and courageous community.

Many thanks to all who contributed!  Although this is just a tiny selection of our collective experience, we hope you enjoy Moab’s Pandemic Scrapbook.  

-GCPL April 2021