FAQs Event Grants

Am I required to advertise my event to qualify for the Special Event Grant?

While advertising is not required, it is encouraged in order to increase quality visitation during slower periods of the year.  If you chose to advertise your event, you must abide by the requirements put forth in the Grand County Advertising Ordinance.  Additionally, all ads must include the Grand County Economic Development logo.

Can I attach additional documents to my application?

Absolutely!  If you feel that additional documentation strengthens your application, then please include it.

Do I need to apply for a Special Event Permit in order to qualify for the Community Event Grant and/or Special Event Grant?

Yes.  You must hold a special event permit from Grand County and/or City of Moab to qualify for either grant.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds I can apply for?

Not really.  However, we do have a limited budget and as such, we may not be able to award the entire amount of funds that have been applied for in any given year.  Awards are dependent upon the number of qualified applications, the funds available, and the amount requested.

I missed the August 31st deadline.  Can I still apply for a grant?

Yes.  While the bulk of our awards are based on applications received during the August application period, we recognize that not all organizers of qualified events are able to submit an application during that time period.  Therefore, as funds allow, additional applications will be considered on a quarterly basis.

My event does not occur during a low visitation time of year.  Am I still eligible for a Special Event Grant?

While the grant is primarily aimed at encouraging visitation during these times of year, all applications will be given consideration.  Events that occur during high visitation times of year should strive to provide originality, sustainability, diversity/inclusion, responsible recreation, and community orientation.

Can I apply for both the Special Event Grant and the Community Event Grant?

Yes.  If you feel your event qualifies for both events, then please consider applying to both.  This gives the Travel Council Advisory Board more flexibility on how to award funds.  Applicants may be encouraged to apply to a different grant program if we feel that it would be a better fit.

If I am award a grant, when will I get my money?

For applications that are submitted during the annual August window, our goal is to have the funds dispersed between January and March.

If I am asked to give a presentation about my event, can I attend remotely?

Absolutely.  All of our Travel Council Advisory Board meetings offer a remote option.