Job Descriptions  

Commission Administration  
Commission Administrator 
Associate Commission Administrator 
Commission Office Coordinator 
Canyonlands Field Airport 
Administrative Assistant
Landside Operations Tech
ARFF/Operations Tech
Chief Deputy Assessor
Licensed Appraiser
Deputy Assessor 
Director - Children's Justice Center
Executive Paralegal/Office Manager
Crisis Nursery Worker - Family Support Center
Prosecutorial Assistant 
Deputy County Attorney
Director - Family Support Center
Chief Deputy County Attorney
Chief Building Official/Floodplain Administrator 
Building Inspector
Permit/Floodplain Technician 
Chief Deputy/Auditor
Deputy Clerk/Auditor I
Deputy Clerk/Auditor II
Deputy Clerk/Auditor III
Grants Coordinator and Accounts Receivable Clerk
Planning & Zoning 
Planning & Zoning Director 
UMTRA Liaison & Technical Inspector
Associate Planner
Planner I
Compliance Officer 
Information Technologies 
IT Director 
IT Support Technician 
GIS Technician
Facilities Maintenance 
Facilities Supervisor 
Facilities Maintenance Technician 
Facilities Maintenance Worker/ Administrative Assistant 
Facilities Maintenance Worker 
Grand Center 
Program Director 
Food Service Manager
Facility Coordinator
Maintenance Worker
Bus Driver
Home Delivery Driver 
Justice Court 
Chief Deputy Court Clerk 
Deputy Court Clerk I
Sr. Deputy Court Clerk
Library Director
Library Services Manager - Adult
Library Services Manager - Juvenile
Maintenance Worker 
Library Assistant 
Library Clerk 
Assistant Library Director
Old Spanish Trail Arena 
Arena Director
Assistant Director
Maintenance Technician 
Administrative Assistant 
Chief Deputy
Deputy Record I
Deputy Record II 
Road Supervisor
Assistant Road Supervisor
Shop Foreman/Fleet Manager
Mechanic I
Mechanic II
Mechanic III 
Operator I
Operator II
Operator III
Administrative Assistant 
Sand Flats Recreation Area 
Assistant Director - Facilities 
Assistant Director - Operations
Recreation Technician I
Recreation Technician II
Recreation Technician III
Sheriff's Office
Chief Deputy 
Emergency Management Director 
Lieutenant Investigator/ Patrol
Jail Commander (Captain) 
Patrol Sergeant 
Criminal Investigator 
Search and Rescue Commander
Search and Rescue Vice Commander 
Corrections Sergeant 
Patrol Deputy III 
Patrol Deputy II
Patrol Deputy I
Dispatch Supervisor 
Communications/Dispatch III 
Communications/Dispatch II 
Communications/Dispatch I
Corrections Deputy Senior 
Corrections Deputy II
Corrections Deputy I 
Administrative Assistant  
Food Service Manager 
Search and Rescue Technician II 
Search and Rescue Technician I 
Economic Development 
Economic Development Director
Administrative Assistant 
Assistant Marketing Director - Graphic Design + Website 
Assistant Marketing Director - Social Media + Industry Partnerships 
Film Commission Coordinator
Special Events Program Manager 

Chief Deputy 
Deputy Treasurer 
Noxious Weed Control 
Lead Technician 
Active Transportation and Trails 
Operations Coordinator
Responsible Recreation Coordinator 
Trail Tech I
Trail Tech II
Motorized Trail Ambassador
Healthy Trails Ambassador
Trail Ambassador 
Personnel Services 
Personnel Services Director
Payroll Coordinator
Personnel Services Coordinator