Criminal Justice Coordinating Council



March, June, September and December


The Grand County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council is organized as a Council by and through Grand County, a political subdivision of the State of Utah, under the authority of Utah Code § 17-55-101, et. seq.

Name Office
Stephen Stocks County Attorney or Designee
Jamison Wiggins County Sheriff or Designee
Lex Bell Chief of Police or Designee
Kris Rogers County Public Defender or Designee
Don Torgerson District Court Judge or Designee
Danalee Welch-O'Donnal Justice Court Judge or Designee
Kara Cunnigham Four Corners Center or Designee
Nathanial Clark Crime or Victim or Designee
Janeca Klayko Adult Probation and Parole
Evan Clapper County Commissioner
Vacant Individual representing local government, human services, etc. or an 
individual with lived experiences in the criminal justice system