Clerk / Auditor

Grand County’s Clerk/Auditor functions as a combination of two statutory offices:




Notice of Proposed Tax Increase - Grand County Library

 What are the Auditor's duties?

  • Audits the financial records of all other elected officials, funds, and departments of Grand County
  • Enforces internal controls and budgetary restraints in order to ensure that public funds are being spent legally, efficiently, and effectively
  • Prepares and issues all financial statements and reports for the county
  • As designated procurement agent for the county, reviews and approves purchases made by Grand County employees
  • Maintains records and collects on all financial amounts due to the county, with the exception of property tax
  • Acts as clerk for the Board of Equalization, handles the administrative aspects of property valuation appeals
  • Processes Tax Abatement applications for various tax relief programs and exempt status properties
  • Shares management duties regarding the real property tax system with the Recorder, Assessor, and the Treasurer
  • Calculates tax rates for the county during the annual budgeting process
  • Works with County Treasurer's Office to hold annual tax sale for delinquent real property taxes
  • Administers all other financial and accounting functions for the county, including Accounts Payable, and a complex bi-weekly payroll for over 200 Grand County Employees

Grand County Amended 2022 Budget and 2023 Budget 


We are happy to point you in the right direction for services that we do not provide.

Passports - We do not process passport applications.  You can obtain a passport through the United States Postal Service online or at the local Post Office, located at 50 East 100 North, Moab, UT 84532.


Property Tax - We do not determine the market value of your property.  That is the job of the Grand County Assessor.  The assessor also collects tax payment on personal property.  The Treasurer collects payment for real property (real estate) tax.

Sales Tax - You can visit the Utah State Tax Commission website for more information on sales tax.


Court Clerks  - The Grand County Clerk/Auditor is not the clerk of the courts.  Depending on the nature of your inquiry you will need to contact either the Justice Court Clerk or the District Court Clerk.  For online citation payments, you can go HERE.

Recorder - Although in some nearby counties the Clerk and Recorder are the same office, Grand County has its own elected Recorder.