Star Hall

Built in 1905, Star Hall was originally used for secular and nonsecular entertainment. The building was renovated in 1968 and 2008, and is now used for films, plays, concerts, festivals, and weddings.


  • Auditorium seating with balcony
  • Dressing rooms with restrooms
  • Electric Movie Screen: 15 feet by 20 feet
  • Handicap bathrooms on main floor
  • Prop room
  • Public announcement system
  • Seating Capacity: 289 + 3 empty slots for handicap seating
  • Stage lighting
  • Stage: 27 feet by 40 feet and 12 feet usable height


Food & Drink

No food or drink is allowed in Star Hall, with the exception of water. Due to the uniqueness of Star hall and the effort put into restoring and maintaining it, the County will retain the security deposit in it's entirety if food and or drink are present.  A County employee will do a walk through before the deposit is returned. 


Grand County accepts cash, checks, cashier’s check, or money orders. Grand County also accepts credit cards with 2 ½ percent fee or a fee of 1.50.





 All tenants must have their own liability insurance. Insurance must be in place at least two days prior to the event taking place. These are a few links to help you.


◦Tenant User Liability Insurance Program , ,, https://

  • Liability

    In using the facility there is a $300.00 damage deposit that must be paid in advance when your contract is turned in. The County will not waive fees associated with this facility. Upon completion of your event and as per your contract, your deposit will be mailed to you after your bill account has been paid. 

    * Note: There is a three hour minimum charge in using the Star Hall facility. 

For reservation, and availability click here.  Once you have checked your availability contact Star Hall to make your reservation.

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