Travel Council

Moab Area Travel Council

About the Travel Council

It is the Travel Council’s responsibility to promote and encourage local tourism to help broaden and strengthen the county’s economic base. The Travel Council seeks to accomplish this through promotion and supporting recreation, tourism, and conventions in a manner that protect the beauty and scenery of our natural environment. 

The objectives are to expand our market, enhance our image, change perceived weaknesses into strengths, and increase the revenue received through increased visitation.


The day-to-day functions of the office are activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising design work and placement
  • Content and media distribution to various media outlets
  • Data processing of requests for information
  • Distribution of collateral for potential visitors
  • Design work for collateral
  • Event Advertising Grant Program
  • Familiarization Tour planning and execution
  • Management of Travel Council Leads Program
  • Promotion of event venues and possibilities
  • Social media 
  • Trade show attendance
  • Visitor Information 800-line telephone calls
  • Website development and design (
  • Other specialty projects as time allows

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Tourism Associations
The Travel Council Director also represents the Grand County/Moab Area as a board member of Utah Tourism Development, as a member of the Utah Tourism Industry Association (a statewide tourism advocacy association), as co-director of Southern Utah National Parks Advertising Coalition, as co-director of the Canyonlands Travel Region, as a board member on the local Chamber of Commerce, as a member of the Dinosaur Diamond Byway Organization, as a member of the National Tour Association, as a member of United States Travel Association, and as a board member of the Museum of Moab.  

Welcome and Information Centers 

The Travel Council also manages the contract for the Thompson Welcome Center and provides collateral for that facility as well as the Moab Information Center, visitor centers around the state, the Utah Office of Tourism, AAA offices around the country and other visitor centers outside of the state upon their request.

Economic Benefits of Tourism

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