There are ample opportunities to volunteer! There are hundreds of miles of trails in Grand County which Trail Mix maintains. If you are interested in lending a hand in our efforts to keep the trails in good running condition (or riding, hiking, or cross country skiing condition for that matter), please email Moab Trail Mix.

Volunteering will make you feel proud to ride a trail and say you had a hand in it!

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Here are some of the things we have volunteers do:
  • Brush cutting - Remove brush and the like from the trail.
  • Raking - Helps define the trail and clear off-trail tracks.
  • Rock lining - Line the trail with rocks on both sides to clearly define the new trail.
  • Digging and rock work - Move dirt and rock into and out of the trail to make the trail more hikeable or rideable as well as to promote proper drainage and sustainability.
  • Rock moving - Sometimes we need to move larger rocks using rock bars or even the grip hoist.
What to Bring
Besides yourself, be sure to bring
  • Water - more water to any trail work event
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
Be on time
We want to make sure everyone gets the tools and instruction that they need. Feel free to work only as long as you feel like it. We are not evil task masters. Well, maybe a little.

Sign In
Trail Mix gets credit for some of the volunteer hours. This can make a big difference in our budget!

Social Media
  • Moab Trail Mix Group - Google Group always has the latest news, events and volunteer opportunities. You don't need to join or sign in to read the posts. If you do sign up, you can opt to get emails and even post.
  • Twitter - You can also follow Trail Mix on Twitter
  • Facebook - Visit Moab Trail Mix on Facebook

Thank you. We really do appreciate our volunteers.