Fees for Services

Types of Services

The following types of papers are $20 per service for civil or criminal cases, plus mileage ($2.50 per mile):
Call the Grand County Sheriff's Office at 259-8115 and Eve Brannan will tell you the mileage fee.
  • Garnishments
  • Letters (Must not be sealed)
  • Small Claims
  • Subpoena / Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Summons and Complaint / Summons and Petition
  • Supplemental Order / Motion
  • Temporary Restraining Order / Protective Orders
  • Trustee Sale Posting ($5 per posting)

Multiple Defendants

If you are serving papers to more than 1 defendant at the same address, the first defendant will be charged the full service fee plus mileage, and each additional defendant is $20.