Interlibrary Loan Policy and Form


Grand County Public Library Interlibrary Loan Policy 

The Grand County Public Library provides interlibrary loan (ILL) services to library patrons in accordance with the provisions of this policy. The Utah State Library Interlibrary Loan Circulation Policy and the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, prepared by the Reference and User Services Association, serve as a foundation for ILL service at the Grand County Public Library (see appendix A and B).

I. Definition of Interlibrary Loan

An ILL is a transaction in which library material or a copy of the material is made available by one library to another.

II. Purpose of Interlibrary Loan

The purpose of the Grand County Public Library ILL system is to address the research and recreational needs of patrons whose material requests are beyond the scope of the collection of the Grand County Public Library. The rural demographics of the Grand County Public Library limit research, recreation, and other information-seeking patrons.  The ILL system enables patrons to reach beyond the collection of the Grand County Public Library to library collections throughout Utah and the rest of the United States.

III. Interlibrary Loan Rules

The following rules are in place to ensure efficient operation of the ILL system:

1. Patrons can request, via ILL, material not available in the collection of the Grand County Public Library.

2. The Grand County Public Library will not ordinarily request via ILL the following types of materials:

                a. Rare or valuable material. 

    b. Bulky or fragile items that are difficult to ship. 

    c. Material in high demand at the lending library. 

    d. Material with local or reference circulation restrictions. 

    e. Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace. 

    f. Material signed by author or from private collections. 

    g. Entire issues of periodicals (photocopies will be made of individual articles).

    h. Materials that can be obtained only by FOIA request.

            3. All patrons (as defined by the circulation policy) are eligible for ILL service. Patrons with a history of returning ILLs late may be suspended from using the ILL system.

            4.  In accordance with Utah State Library ILL policy, the Grand County Public Library always checks availability in the Utah State Library’s online catalog before submitting an interlibrary loan request, and the Utah State Library serves as an intermediary between the Grand County Public Library and other libraries when requesting ILL materials.

            5.  Requests will be filed electronically with the Utah State Library to insure prompt delivery. However, borrowers must expect a 2-6 week delivery time and must fill out the ILL request form clearly and completely to avoid delay in material delivery. 

            6.  The Grand County Public Library will promptly and efficiently process all ILL requests and promptly and efficiently return borrowed materials to their lending library.

            7.  The number of ILL requests must not exceed five at one time from one patron. 

            8.  Patrons will be charged for fulfilled ILL materials in accordance with the Grand County fee schedule for the Grand County Public Library.

            9.  Occasionally a lending library will charge a fee to lend an item or send a photocopy.  Under this circumstance the patron will be informed of the fee and given the opportunity to cancel their request.

            10.  The Grand County Public Library due date on each ILL record reflects one week prior to lending library due date to allow time for shipment.

            11.  Request for renewal of materials is permitted, however, requests can only be granted by individual lending libraries.

            12.  Replacement cost for lost/damaged materials will be determined by the lending library. 

            13.  All materials more than four weeks overdue will be considered lost, and the patron will be responsible for the cost of the material, due and payable to the Grand County Public Library within thirty days after receiving the invoice for the lost material.

            14.  Submission of an ILL request does not guarantee retrieval. 

Adopted by the Grand County Public Library Board of Directors on September 10, 2008 and revised/reapproved on September 23, 2009; February 17, 2010; August 24, 2011; April 11, 2013; April 17, 2014; March 12, 2015; May 18, 2016; May 30, 2018; September 12, 2019; and May 13, 2021.

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