Dewey Bridge Fund

On April 15, 2008 the Grand county Council authorized the Grand county Historic Preservation Commission to organize and raise funds to conduct a study regarding the restoration of the Dewey Bridge, partially destroyed in a fire. The study will examine the integrity of the remaining steel structure and cost estimates to reconstruct Dewey Bridge.

Matching Contributions Needed to Secure Challenge Donation for Completion of Construction Plans
The Dewey Bridge Restoration Committee has announced a challenge donation pledge of $1500 towards completion of the construction drawings needed for the project. This challenge pledge will be deposited with the Grand county Clerk upon receipt of an additional $2,700 in donations.

Together these funds will enable completion of the engineering plans needed for the construction phase of the project. The modern drawings will be based upon the original plans for the historic Dewey Bridge produced in 1915 and provide the guidance necessary for restoring the bridge to its historic appearance.

Contributions are tax deductible.