Payroll Information 

Payroll is located in the Clerk/ Auditors Office 


Online Paystubs

In 2017, Grand County switched to online paystubs, the login is your last name followed by your employee id, your initial password is the last four of your SSN.

If you experience issues logging into the online paystubs, please contact Payroll at 435-259-4990. 

2019 Schedule of Pay Periods and Holidays

2019 Schedule of Pay Periods and Holidays

Full-time employees have 12 paid holidays. 

2019 W-4 

2019 W-4 Form

If you wish to change your federal and state withholding, please fill out a new W-4 and turn in to Payroll to process.

2019 Grade and Step Chart 

2019 Grade and Step Chart

The reclassification of the Grade and Step chart was approved at the 12/18/2018 Council Meeting and put into place as of 1/1/2019.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

If you are a new employee, or you had a change in your bank please fill out a new Direct Deposit form and turn into Payroll. 

Sick Leave Donation 

Sick Leave Donation Form 

Per Grand County Policy and Procedures, a full-time Grand County employee can donate Sick Leave only to another Employee in need, the donating employee does need to maintain five (5) days / 40 hours of sick leave for themselves. For more questions on the sick leave donation program, please refer to your Employee Handbook.

Payroll needs a copy of the sick leave donation form to process the donation.