Citation & General Fine Information

When Is The Fine Due?

  • Traffic Citations Must Be Paid In Full Within 21 Calendar Days From The Date The Citation Was Issued.

What Happens If I Don't Pay The Fine?

  • If Payment is Not Made Within 21 Days, The Citation is Considered Delinquent and a $50.00 Fee is Imposed.
  • If Payment Still is Not Made Within 15 Days From the Delinquency an Additional $75.00 Fee is Imposed and a Warrant is Issued for Your Arrest.

How Can I Pay The Fine?

  • Payments can be made at the County Courthouse in the form of Personal Check, Cashier Check, Money Order or Credit Card.
  • The court accepts Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards. There is a 2.5% processing fee for debit or credit
  • Click Here to be Taken to the Online Payment Portal
What If I Have Questions About My Case or Citation?