Art Exhibit Policy and Form


Grand County Public Library Art Display Policy

One of the official roles of the Grand County Public Library is to provide programs and events for cultural enrichment. Showcasing artwork and related items for public viewing is considered an appropriate extension of this role. The Library’s Large Meeting Room is considered by the Grand County Library Board of Directors (Trustees) to be an appropriate and adequate facility for occasional public exhibits. The following are the parameters of exhibits to be displayed within this space:

  1. The exhibit organizer(s) must submit a clear and concise proposal to the Library Art Committee (comprised of members of the Library Board of Directors, Board-appointed members of the community, and the Library Director) well in advance of the proposed exhibit. Images of the artwork/exhibit items are required as part of the proposal. Please see the Exhibit Proposal Guide (attached) for more information on submitting a proposal.
  2. The Library Art Committee will make decisions regarding scheduling and artistic appropriateness of a proposed exhibit. Controversial work will not be excluded because of subject matter; however, a community standard may be applied because of the diverse age range of the community served by the Library.
  3. Works of art should reflect the practical considerations of quality, durability, ease of maintenance and public safety, including scale, material, form, and content. The work must be able to be sustained in the library’s non-museum setting.
  4. The Director (or designee) will determine final acceptance of an exhibit. If the exhibit organizer(s) wishes to appeal the Director’s decision, they may do so at the next regularly scheduled Library Board of Directors meeting.
  5. Exhibits will normally be limited to a one month period with definite dates established in advance. Use of the Large Meeting Room for Library purposes takes precedence over other uses.
  6. Each exhibit will be reviewed by a library staff member prior to hanging to ensure the actual exhibit is consistent with what has been approved.
  7. Exhibits should include labels with title and artist contact information. Pricing information is not allowed on these labels.
  8. Library staff will not be involved in sales transactions associated with the exhibit.
  9. Items sold during the exhibit may not be removed from the exhibit before the exhibitor’s closing date unless a replacement acceptable to the library is provided.
  10. The Library does not have space for storage of exhibits and associated materials in the Library building beyond the date of the original agreement.
  11. The Library is not responsible for any items on exhibit that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Insurance covering the value of the exhibit will be the responsibility of the exhibit organizer(s). Exhibit items in the Library enjoy the same security as the library collection and equipment; however, this level of security does not eliminate the possibility of loss, damage, theft, etc.
  12. The responsibility for any damage to Library property caused by the installation, exhibit, or dismantling of an exhibit will rest with the exhibit organizer(s). Exhibitors must sign the Exhibit Agreement Form (attached) upon approval of an exhibit.
  13. The Library Art Committee may, at its discretion, conduct a juried exhibit each year. Additional traveling exhibits (e.g., Utah Arts Council exhibits) may be held as well.

Adopted by the Grand County Public Library Board of Directors on May 14, 2008 and re-approved on September 23, 2009; November 9, 2011; April 11, 2013; June 12, 2014; May 19, 2015; July 14, 2016; January 14, 2019; and March 10, 2022.

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