Hells Revenge 4×4 Trail

Rated a 6 by the Red-Rock Four-Wheelers, the Hell's Revenge trail is approximately 6.5 miles in length. Due to hazardous terrain, it is recommended only for experienced drivers. It is not recommended for ATV's. The entrance to Hell’s Revenge trail is just passed the Sand Flats Recreation Area Entrance Station. 
 All vehicles must stay on designated roads and trails.There are no open play areas. Maximum speed limit is 15 mph. 
Operation of vehicles off designated roads and trails is a class A misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment and/or forfeiture of vehicle. To report off road travel or vandalism call 435-259-8115. For more information visit Utah OHV laws

The trail is marked with signs and symbols painted on the rock surface. Hell’s Revenge Trail crosses the Slickrock Bike Trail (marked with painted white “dashes”). The Slickrock Bike Trail is open to motorcycles and mountain bikes only.

  • There are no open play areas on this trail.
  • Trailer parking is available at the trailhead.

Hells Revenge 4×4 Trail Mileage Log

  • Mile 0.0 Trailhead, on left/north, just past Entrance Station.  Follow painted chevron symbols up steep fin over-looking the Entrance Station.  Bottom of fin enters private property. Stay on the trail.
  • Mile 0.4  Pass through fence, reentering Sand Flats. Turn sharp left here.  Overlook at top of the hill.
  • Mile 0.6 Alternate route straight up hill. Main trail turn right.
  • Mile 0.7  Search and rescue route enters from right.  Turn left up onto a slickrock dome, following yellow chevron symbols.
  • Mile 0.7-1.0  Series of large slickrock fins and domes descending to Abyss Overlook.  Ascend steep dome ahead.
  • Mile 1.2 Take hard right turn on back side of dome, using markers as a guide.  Bear left at the bottom onto sand and then across slickrock.
  • Mile 1.4 Turn right off slickrock onto sandy road.
  • Mile 1.5  Road takes a sharp right staying  in sand.  Straight ahead are knolls possibly with black tire marks.  Stay off these illegal routes.
  • Mile 1.6  Intersection with Slickrock Bike Trail.  Use caution, bikes on either side of the trail.  Go straight.
  • Mile 1.9  Alternate route enters from left. Stay straight on main trail. 
  • Mile 2.5  Main trail left.  Overlook straight ahead (0.6 mile dead-end).
  • Mile 2.7  Bear right, follow chevron symbols.
  • Mile 3.1  Intersection with bike trail.  Use caution.  Continue towards “Black Hole,” a large semi-circular cliff wall.  Trail goes to the right and around top of this feature.
  • Mile 3.6  Entering private property. Stay out of large depressions in the rock known as potholes. Potholes are NOT open for travel on private land.
  • Mile 3.8 Re-entering Sand Flats Recreation Area.
  • Mile 4.0 Marked pothole, "Mickey's Hot Tub", is open. All other potholes on Hell's Revenge are not. Stay out of these large depressions as they are on private property. 
  • Mile 4.1  Extremely steep descent on a narrow ledge. Use caution and a spotter. Turn right on sandy track at bottom. Alternate route enters from left. 
  • Mile 4.5 Route crosses Slickrock Bike Trail; bear right.
  • Mile 4.8 To the left a route accesses the Staircase obstacle and bypass as well as providing an easier return to the trailhead. If instead you continue to the right and on the main trail, Tip-Over challenge is straight ahead. An easier bypass is marked just before Tip-Over. This route goes right, up a fin and turns sharply left at the top of the fin. 
  • Mile 5.0 From the top of the ridge, the trail descends a series of rock ledges that have eroded over the years making pas - sage extremely difficult. Riders are encouraged to backtrack to the trailhead the way they came or via the Staircase rout
Hells Revenge Stats

Downloadable Maps Please note- for full trail descriptions download the Sand Flats Visitor Guide