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It is the policy of the Board of Directors of the Grand County Public Library to uphold the privacy of patron borrowing records and the confidentiality of patron inquiries, and to provide a free and open forum for the exchange of information. This library will, however, comply with requests made by duly identified law enforcement agents for information about library patron records and transactions and about library collections. This information will be released only upon presentation of judicially authorized documentation, and only when requests are made through the proper chain of command and custody, as outlined below.


1.        Any request for information must be made by a law enforcement agent, identified with a badge and photo identification.

2.        A written request must be presented in the form of a judicially authorized subpoena, which outlines what information is sought and to which court the information is to be delivered, or a warrant which enables agents to have access to whatever records are identified in the judicially authorized warrant.

3.        Any staff member presented with a subpoena or warrant must immediately refer the inquiry to the Director. If the Director is unavailable, inquiries will be directed to the Council Administrator. In all cases, inquiries will be referred to the County Attorney. In the case of a subpoena, immediate action to release information is not required and agents will await verification through the chain of command and custody. In the case of a warrant, the chain of command and custody shall be followed to the extent possible; however, with proper documentation, agents will be able to search the premises for materials identified by the warrant or subpoena.

4.        Any records, documents, printouts, or materials accessed or taken from the premises must be receipted by the agent(s).

5.        Library staff and County administrative staff may be prohibited from divulging any information, including the occurrence of a search, to other staff outside the chain of command and custody, individual patrons, Board members, the public, or the press. Violations of this mandate may be punishable by federal law. Gag orders must be judicially authorized and specified in writing by the law enforcement agent presenting the subpoena or warrant.

Approved by the Grand County Public Library Board of Directors on April 10, 2003 and re-approved on May 14, 2008;  June 16, 2010; May 17, 2012; September 12, 2013; October 23, 2014; October 22, 2015; March 13, 2018; and June 25, 2019.

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