Surplus Policy


Grand County Public Library Surplus Library Materials Policy

            As set forth in Grand County Ord. 413, (Title 3, Chapter 3.24.010) the County Property Management Division may declare surplus and authorize the disposal by the Library Director of books, audio-visual materials, or other informational materials that are not needed, required, or suitable for use in the County Library. The Library Director shall determine Library collection applicability by following the CREW method developed by the Texas State Library and Archives. Such disposition may be accomplished in any manner authorized by this policy or by sale to individual members of the public after the item being sold has been publicly displayed as being for sale and the sale price has been clearly marked prior to the sale. The sale price for each item sold by public display shall be as determined by the Library Director and approved by the Library Board. All proceeds from the sale of books, audiovisual material, and other informational materials shall be deposited into the County Library fund for Library use.

            The Library Director may, subject to the approval of the Library Board of Directors, dispose of surplus books, magazines, audio-visual and informational items displayed for sale, but remaining unsold, by transferring to such public entities, nonprofit entities, or community groups or projects as the Library Board deems appropriate. Transfer to nonprofit entities, community groups or projects shall be for fair and adequate consideration unless in the judgment of the Library Director and Library Board the items have little or no market value, in which event the property may be transferred without consideration if the recipient pays the cost of delivery and agrees to use the materials for educational or informational purposes, or, if such a recipient cannot be located with reasonable effort, the material may be discarded or donated without consideration to a nonprofit entity, community group or project at least cost to the County Library.

            The County Library maintains an inventory of all Library materials in the Integrated Library System (Library Catalog). The County Library will maintain an up-to-date inventory in real time. A backup of the Catalog will by kept at the County vault and updated monthly. The retail amount attributed to each item will be removed from the inventory maintained in the Library Catalog upon deletion of the material and a retail amount will be attributed to each item added to the Library Catalog in real time.

Approved 11/19/08 and reviewed/reapproved on 9/23/2009, and 2/13/14 by the Grand County Public Library Board of Directors

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