Sand Flats Draft Business Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Moab Field Office is now accepting public comment on a draft business plan proposing to increase recreation fees implemented over a three year period at the Sand Flats Recreation Area in Grand County, Utah.

The Sand Flats Recreation Area is managed under a cooperative agreement between Grand County and the Bureau of Land Management. Visitation at this site has increased 46 percent since fees were last amended in 2016 and the cost of providing services has steadily increased.

Grand County recommends that the single day use fee be eliminated and only the seven day fee remain. This fee is $10 for vehicles and $5 for bikes  for 7 days. The day use fee has not been amended since 2009 and this modification would be implemented in 2023. The utility trailer fee would be eliminated to encourage trailering vehicles to the Sand Flats Recreation Area. The annual pass fee of $25 has not changed since 2016 and prior to that 1998. The proposal is to increase this fee to $50 by 2025. Volunteer days to work toward earning an annual pass would still be available two to four times a year.  The camping fee recommendation is to be changed from $15 per vehicle to $30 per vehicle per night by 2025.  The group campsite rates would be increased from $60 to $100 per night by 2025. 

The proposed business plan is available for review online at: .  

Click Here to Download the Official BLM Press Release

Written comments on the Draft Business Plan will be accepted through April 16th, 2023. Please see press release for details.