Voter Information

Primary Election- June 26th, 2018

The 2018 Primary Election in Grand County will be conducted by mail. Active registered votes will start to receive their ballots around  June 5th . A ballot drop box will be set up in the Grand County Clerks Office between when we send the ballots out and General Election Day on June 26th, 2018. Election Day the offices of the County Clerk will be open from 7:00 a.m and 8:00 p.m.

To check your registration status, address on your registration and to change your affiliation, please go to and then navigate to the My Voter Profile tab.  To make any change to your voter registration online a valid Utah Drivers License is required and can be updated online for free at

 The following table shows who each party has chosen to be eligible to vote in their primary.

Voters Permitted to vote in Party's Primary
 Constitution Party
Voters affiliated with the Constitution Party
Democratic Party
All voters, regardless of affiliation
Green Party
Unaffiliated voters and voters affiliated with Green Party
Libertarian Party
Voters affiliated with the Libertarian Party

 Republican Party
 Voters affiliated with the Republican Party
 United Utah Party
 All voters, regardless of affiliation

*All voters will be eligible to voter for non-partisan races including all Grand County Races and Local School Board races, should there be a primary election held in that district. 

Caucus Night is March 20th. Times, Locations and Information can be found at