Training Materials

Trails 2018 PowerPoint (converted to pdf)

GCSAR 2018 Maps Powerpoint (converted to pdf)

Tracking PowerPoint (pdf)

National Park Service Technical Rescue Handbook (pdf)

Grand County Search and Rescue Standards Manual (pdf)

Utah Sheriff's Association Search and Rescue Standards

Training Videos

Garmin inReach Training - 3/14/20

Ascending & Descending with an ISC D4, starring Michelle Leber

Ascending with a Petzl Croll & Descending with an ISC D4, starring Michelle Leber

Approaching the Edge with an ISC D4 and Rocker, starring Maggie Nielsen

Ascending & Descending with a Petzl Croll, starring Maggie Nielsen

GCSAR’s Modified RZR testing on Amasa Back, starring Micah Johnson 

GCSAR’s RZR was recently fitted with 4" portal hubs and 32" tires for accessing subjects on hard to reach trails such as Amasa Back and Moab Rim. The RZR was donated by organizers of Rally On the Rocks in 2017.

Utah Dept. of Public Safety Hoist Training  

The Utah Dept. of Public Safety Aero Division brought three pilots and five Rescue Specialists to Moab for helicopter Hoist Proficiency training on May 9-10, 2018. Grand County Search and Rescue, EMS, and the local Classic Helicopter crew were invited to participate.

GCSAR has used the DPS hoist on several occasions for evacuation of rescue subjects. The state ship can insert and extract rescue personnel via hoist if there is no nearby LZ. We practiced this at the training using the Air Rescue Vest. Nadi, Jake B. and Craig C. were hoisted to a spot on river right about a mile from the LZ. Frank was deposited on a tall, flat-topped boulder near the base of Parriott Mesa. Logan was headed to the same place when he had to be brought inside the cabin of the helicopter since winds became too gusty to lower him on the hoist.