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Year after year housing in Grand County has become increasingly unattainable for local residents. Grand County is currently undertaking efforts to help alleviate this stress for our residents and seasonal employees. The following is a list of past and ongoing efforts. For more information and up to date drafts of proposed ordinances, meeting dates and surveys, PLEASE VISIT

Increasing opportunities for Multifamily apartment buildings in Grand County -- Currently, there are very limited areas where multifamily developments are allowed to exist. As a response to this and the need to provide a variety of housing types for a variety of income levels, the County is developing a Future Land Use Plan, which will identify areas where increased density would be appropriate, such as near the City core and other emerging commercial nodes. This Plan will generate a Future Land Use Map, which will help to guide decision makers as rezone requests are made to change zoning designations from lower density to higher density. This September (at dates to be decided) we will be presenting the Future Land Use Map at three different workshops in different locations in the County. Check back often for updates on the workshop dates/locations.

Creating a permitting path for Long term Camp Parks and Alternative Dwelling Communities through a Special Purpose Overlay District. You can find the most recent version of the draft code and other related documents on the right side of this page. The proposed Alternative Dwelling (ADO) Overlay District would provide local workforce housing opportunities through nontraditional types of housing to support market needs while respecting the character of existing neighborhoods and residential zones. The ADO District standards ensure that Alternative Dwelling developments are designed in a manner that addresses the impacts and the increased service needs they generate while also providing much needed designated workforce housing, which in turn, supports local businesses and the local economy.

The Local Workforce and Affordable Housing Nexus Study -- A study currently being conducted by BAE Urban Economics,  a consultant firm the County has contracted with in the past for a housing study in 2018, which provided the basis for the Assured Housing Ordinance. The update to the 2018 study will provide data to develop policies that will ultimately encourage and increase the availability of housing for local residents. It will also provide a feasibility analysis for incentive based initiatives the County is interested in pursuing in order to increase housing opportunities across the entire continuum of housing affordability. The County is currently in the phase of reaching out to stakeholders and the developer community to gather information on barriers to home construction and marketability and solutions to provide local worker housing. Click here to get updates on this effort and future workshops. 

The High Density Housing Overlay Districts (HDHO) --The County Commission adopted the High Density Housing Overlay Ordinance on January 15th, 2019, after extensive work and discussion by the Planning Commission, Commission and P&Z staff. This policy allows for the creation of denser housing, deed restricted for Grand County residents and workers. To date the Commission has approved ten HDHO developments' final plat, totally 353 housing units, and of those, 286 are deed restricted for Actively Employed Households. The HDHO was a pilot program which has since closed. As more HDHO units are built to completion and put on the market, the County P&Z Department continues to monitor the program for successes and failures.  See links for more information. 

HDH Overlay Application

HDHO Development Agreement

Adopted HDHO Ordinance Text

PDF Map of HDHO Boundaries

Interactive Map of HDHO Boundaries

Moab Area Community Land Trust (MACLT) -- Grand County provides financial support for MACLT, by funding a full-time paid position to operate and manage the Land Trust. Currently, MACLT owns the ground where the Arroyo Crossing subdivision is being built. At least 50% of the homes in the Arroyo Crossing Subdivision are restricted for ownership by medium to low income residents.

Phase 1 - Economic Feasibility Report - Moab Area Assured Housing Opens in new window2018 Assured Housing Report: 

Grand County and the City of Moab have contracted with BAE Economics to analyze the feasibility of an assured housing (also known as inclusionary zoning) policy for the Moab Area. 

Click on the headings below to read the two phases of the report. 

For questions, comments, or further information about the report, please contact the CED Department at 435-259-1371 or

Phase 1 - Economic Feasibility Analysis

Phase 2 - Nexus Fee Analysis


Spanish Valley Drive Path

BW Line w RiverOur office is currently seeking community feedback on the possibility of a multi-use path running along Spanish Valley Drive, serving pedestrians, equestrians, and cyclists. Click the image or follow the link below to learn about the opportunities along this corridor and offer feedback!

Spanish Valley Drive - Story Map

Spanish Valley Drive - Feedback Survey