Preliminary Floodplain Maps

Over the past few years Grand County has been working to update old FEMA floodplain mapping, that had been generated in the late 1970s using minimal science, with new mapping using the most modern and accurate LIDAR technology.  The new mapping has gone through a rigorous approval process with FEMA and is now in standard FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) mapping format.

Preliminary mapping is posted here, so that they can be checked for errors and so the community can get an understanding of the changes that are being made.  We are being asked to examine the maps and provide corrections for non-technical information such as corporate limits, road names and stream names on the FIRM and Flood Insurance Study.

Please submit comments to:

Margaret Doherty, FEMA Region VIII

Federal Center Building 710

Post Office Box 25267

Denver, CO 08255-0267

cc to:

Matt McGlone, Regional Service Center, Compass

555 17th Street, Suite 500

Denver, CO 80202

Jamie Huff, State Risk Map Program Manager

Utah Division of Emergency Management

1110 State Office Building

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Along with the mapping we have a list of, previously approved, Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) that will be eliminated, upheld or changed. If you have received a LOMC, LOMR, LOMA-F or LOMA in the affected area of the new maps, please click here to see the provided list.