Trail Information

Grand County Active Transportation and Trails (GCATT) maintains over 150 miles of non-motorized singletrack trails that Grand County has constructed and are used for Mountain Biking, Hiking, Running, and Equestrian use. In addition to these miles, GCATT also assists the BLM and Forest Service on many other maintenance projects throughout the year. These projects are generally hiking, and climbing-canyoneering access trails. 

Grand County offers an abundance of world class trail opportunities for all users! Follow the links below for your desired activity.


NEW TRAILS! - 2020

Two new trails have been added to the Mag 7 trail system! 

Arth’s Corner has been extended 1.7 miles and now connects with Gemini Bridges Road and the new Little Canyon extension. 

Little Canyon trail now turns 0.5 mile from its old end point at the Goldbar 4x4 Road and extends north along the rim line of Little Canyon to connect to Gemini Bridges Road. For riders who are riding out Gemini Bridges road to HWY 191 this change to Little Canyon removes them from a sandy half mile stretch of the Goldbar Road that is in a wash that has seen conflicts between non motorized and motorized users over the last few years. 

NOTE: These new trails will not be present on all map signs within the Mag 7 system. This map is found at the new trailhead locations as well as the HWY 313 trailhead. All signs within the system will be updated in the future. 


Falcon Flow is a new trail that is 5.5 miles in length and is in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It is recommended to ride the trail from east to west, starting at the bottom parking area located 4.5 miles up Sand Flats Road from the toll booth, then ride up Sand Flats road for 2.8 miles to the upper trailhead near the Porcupine Rim trailhead. Due to its downhill nature and being in a Pinion, Juniper forest creating many blind turns this trail is recommended from east to west. However you can ride up the trail, just keep an eye out for downhill riders.  

The trail can also be used as an option off of the Whole Enchilada Trail System. To access Falcon Flow from the end of LPS turn left on Porcupine Rim Trail (instead of right) and descend for 2.5 miles to the Porcupine Rim trailhead. Follow signs to Falcon Flow from there. 

NOTE this trail is within Sand Flats Recreation Area and does require an entrance fee.


The following links will take you to the related activity on is hosted by the Moab Area Travel Council and is full of great info about the area.

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