What is minimum impact?

Each year, millions of visitors enjoy Canyon Country. The impact of so much use is threatening the area's biological resources. You can help protect this fragile and beautiful land by following minimum-impact practices.

  • Tread lightly when traveling and leave no trace of your camping.
  • Drive and ride only on roads and trails where such travel is allowed; hike only on established trails, on rock or in washes.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts and traveling through biological soil crusts.
  • When camping do not place your tent on top of vegetation.
  • Select an area of bare soil for your tent. .
  • Use existing fire rings and bring in your own firewood.
  • Do not strip bark, cut or break off tree limbs.
  • Wood collecting of any kind is illegal at the Sand Flats Recreation Area.
  • Please remember these trees provide shade and shelter for you, other campers and the animals that make the desert their home.
  • Help keep Canyon Country clean.
  • Pack out your trash and recycle it, clean up after less thoughtful visitors, and use toilets.
  • Protect and conserve scarce desert water sources.
  • Leave potholes undisturbed.
  • Allow space for wildlife.
  • When encountering wildlife, maintain your distance and remain quiet.
  • Teach children not to chase or pick up animals.
  • Keep pets under control.

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