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Summer Reading Report Form

  1. How to Calculate the Number of Tickets Earned

    1 Book (Read or Listen) = 1 Ticket, Every 15 minutes reading to a child = 1 Ticket

  2. Please indicate below how you would like your earned tickets to be distributed for prize drawings.

  3. 2 passes to the 2018 Moab Folk Festival

  4. 2 passes to the 2019 Telluride Jazz Festival

  5. 2 passes to the 2019 Women’s Red Rock Music Festival

  6. 3 passes to the 2018 Scots on the Rocks, Moab Celtic Festival

  7. 2 tickets to one 2018 Moab Music Festival Concert at Red Cliffs, Star Hall or Sorrel River Ranch

  8. 2 tickets for select performances during the 2018-2019 season of the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera

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