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Meeting Room Request Form

  1. Note: This field will be publicly available on the meeting room schedule.
  2. Terms of Use
    Agreement with the following statements is required for library meeting room use. Please read and initial if you agree.

    (1) The meeting will be open to the public and that anyone can walk in and join the meeting at anytime.

    (2) The room is not being used by a for-profit group or business.

    (3) There will be no charge or requested donation to attend the meeting and nothing will be sold before/during/after the meeting while on library property.

    (4) There will be no food.

    (5) The purpose of the meeting is not promotional and/or for financial gain/fundraising.

    (6) Library activities always take precedence and reservations may be subject to change, as stated in the Library Meeting Room Policy.

    (7) I will be responsible for set up and clean up of the meeting room 

    (8) I am financially responsible for the damage or loss of library owned equipment and any damage to the library meeting room.

    (9) My reservation is not guaranteed if I show up more than 15 minutes late and I will call the library in the event that I no longer need my reservation.

  3. Meeting Room reservations can not be made more than 1 month in advance. Four hours per day maximum.
  4. Earliest possible start time 9:30am

  5. 4 hour maximum. Must end by 7:45pm M-F or by 4:45pm on Saturdays.

  6. Which meeting room do you want to reserve? Currently, the Board Room is the only space available for reservations.*
  7. Please Note:

    Meeting room reservations are generally received by library staff during business hours Mon - Fri.

    Reservations are confirmed when they appear on the publicly available online meeting room calendar.

    You will ONLY be contacted if there is a problem with your request.  

    Grand County's face covering policy states that masks are required in all indoor library spaces when the county's COVID-19 transmission level is high.

  8. By signing this application I confirm the following statements:
    (1) The information I have provided is true and accurate.
    (2) I understand that I/we are assuming financial responsibility in the event that library owned equipment should become lost or damaged.
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