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Grand County Special Event Application - Combined


    All Grand County Permittees and Special Events shall comply with the Grand County Special Events Ordinance (Chapter 8.16 of the General County Ordinances) in effect at the time of the Special Event.  This application must be filled out completely with all required documents attached before submission.  Deadlines are outlined in the Ordinance.  This application is not to be completed until your Intent to Apply has been approved.

  2. If any information submitted on your Intent to Apply or Special Event Application changes, please call (435) 259-1370 or email

  3. Location of Event (Select All that Apply)*
  4. Property Owner Form For multiple properties, attach addition Consent forms at the bottom of this application.  A rental agreement also serves as consent.

  5. Give a brief description of any fees charged including admissions, rentals, and vendor spaces if applicable.

  6. Site Plan and/or Route Map

    Please read the Grand County Special Event Ordinance 8.16.110 G for requirements.  Attach additional documents as needed at the end of the application.

  7. A complete schedule of activities for the proposed Special Event must be provided indicating location, dates/times, and projected attendance if different than total attendance.

  8. Event date verified with OSTA?*
  9. Is water required?*
  10. Is power required?*
  11. Will you require any rail/pen removal?*
  12. Will there be any special deliveries to OSTA?*
  13. Will your event require any tractor time or implement use?*
  14. Will your event offer overnight camping options at OSTA?*
  15. If renting the Ballfields, will you require lighting?*
  16. Will you require compacting of the Arena dirt/floor?*
  17. Will your event require the use of stalls/pens for overnight use?*
  18. Do you require rental equipment (Tables, chairs, sound system, stage, timing equipment, etc.)?*
  19. Would you like to hire OSTA Staff for cleaning during/after the event?*
  20. Will you have live entertainment (Bands, DJs, shows, animals, performance artists, etc.)?*
  21. Will there be any public street or parking lot closures?*
  22. Will you require security or an escort?*
  23. Will there be any temporary structures including pop-up tents?*
  24. Will the event be providing additional restroom facilities?*
  25. Will there be any merchandise sales?*
  26. Will alcohol be provided by the event? *
  27. Will there be any food served by the event?*
  28. Will there be any outside vendors?*
  29. All events requiring street or parking lot closures (outside of Moab city limits) must contact the Grand County Sheriff's Office (435) 259-4321 and the Grand County Road Department (435) 259-5308.  Streets and parking lots may only be barricaded during the date and hours specified.  Grand County reserves the right to require an engineered traffic plan for events expecting more than 250 participants.

  30. Escort or Security

    Grand County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to specify the need for escorts or security.  In some cases, applicants may make their own arrangements or they may work directly with GCSO (or other Law Enforcement agencies when applicable) to provide these services (435-259-4321).

  31. Please give the location, type, number, and description of all temporary structures to be used in the event, including: stages, platforms, scaffolding, bleachers, grandstands, canopies, tents, booths, vehicles, trailers, etc.  Describe how structures will be secured to the ground.  Remember that no stakes will be allowed in any location where irrigation lines are present.  If you prefer to give this information as a a document/pdf, attach the file(s) at the end of the application.  Inspection may be required by the Building Department and/or Fire Department.

  32. A copy of email confirmation, invoice, or other proof of agreement may be submitted as proof.  Please attach separate confirmations for portable toilets, garbage, and/or recycling.  Additional documents may be attached at the bottom of this application.  Grand County and/or SEUHD reserves the right to require additional sanitation services.

  33. Minimum mandatory requirements: daily recycling and garbage pick-up, daily restroom hauling and cleaning, handwash replenishing, and waste diversion plan.

  34. Utah DABS (801) 977-6800 Local consent is granted by the Grand County Commission.  Please contact the County Clerk's Office for more information (435) 259-1321  If an event is serving alcohol in Grand County, the local consent form must be approved by the Grand County Commission, not any other entity.

  35. Required for any event serving food that is NOT prepackaged (including peanut butter sandwiches).  Not required if using a UT licensed caterer.  Please contact SEUHD Moab for more information (435) 259-5602 Temporary Food Service Application

  36. Does your event begin or take place entirely in Grand County, UT?*
  37. Is your event using a Marketplace Facilitator for registration?*
  38. COI must name Grand County as an Additional Insured in an amount not less than $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate in effect for the duration of the proposed Special Event.

  39. If the applicant is an entity, a Statement of Authority, Corporate Bylaws, or Organizational Operating Agreement proving signatory authority to bind the applicant entity must be provided.  SOA Form This document gives permission for certain persons to make binding legal agreements on behalf of the entity they represent.

  40. A medical plan including a medical contingency plan and the CPR/First Aid Certifications of all designated medical personnel are required of all events.  Grand County EMS reserves the right to specify need for and number of Emergency Medical Staff required at an event.  The EMS Department will review all Special Event Permit applications for required medical services.  The safety of the community and attendees are primary concern at all times.  Medical Plan Guidelines  Additionally, SAR requires a satellite communication device (or similar) be present on all trail leaders, sweepers, and/or at all aid stations in any location that does not have reliable cell service.  For more information, contact the Special Event Coordinator.

  41. Add additional supporting documents here:
  42. OSTA Policies*
    • A signed OSTA agreement is required.
    • OSTA highly recommends site visits and in-person meetings prior to any large event.  
    • All events must verify their event dates for site availability and event conflict.  Contact OSTA to discuss availability. (435) 259-1311 Dates are not considered verified until OSTA has the dates posted on the event calendar.  Verification of the dates is not a guarantee of approval for the event.
    • Holding an event at OSTA will subject the rental agreement to additional fees for an OSTA Security/Compliance Officer on site during scheduled event times.  These fees are set in the current fee schedule, and I agree to pay them. (Please note these employees are not for your event's security numbers; they are to provide for OSTA property and ensure proper compliance during the event.)
    • OSTA staff will need to be present during your event if alcohol is being served or there is any live entertainment.  Additional fees for staff will be added to your agreement.  Please see current fee schedule for charges.
    • If alcohol is present, a certificate of insurance naming Grand County as an Additional Insured showing alcohol liability insurance in the amount of $500,000.
    • The Security/Cleaning Deposit is required at least 8 weeks prior to the event.  The deposit will be determined by the type of event, attendance, entertainment, and if alcohol will be served.
    • The event holder is responsible for hiring the concessionaire.  Managers/food handler's permit is required.  Concessionaire must hold their own insurance naming Grand County as additionally insured.  10% of the Concessionaire's gross receipts are to be paid directly to OSTA.
    • Ticketed events will have a $1 per ticket sold payable to OSTA.  The final number can be given and paid for after the last day of the event.
    • No objects that take flight are allowed on OSTA property without proper authorization.  
    • No bounce houses are allowed on OSTA property.  
    • OSTA does not allow vehicles on the concrete floor of the Pavilion.  Special Instructions need to be given for vehicles on any grassy areas.
  43. Applicant Certification*

    I understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.

    I certify under penalty of perjury that this application and all information submitted as a part of this application are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Should any of the information or representations submitted in connection with this application be incorrect or untrue, I understand that Grand County may rescind any approval, or take any other legal or appropriate action. I also acknowledge that I have reviewed the Grand County Special Events Ordinance and that the items and checklists contained in this application are basic and minimum requirements only and that other requirements may be imposed that are unique to the event. I understand approval is non-transferable and valid only for the above mentioned location, dates, and applicant.

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