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  1. Goathead flower
  2. Thank you for registering for the annual Goathead Gala! 

    The Goathead Gala is an annual event where Grand County residents can bring their harvested Goatheads (also known as Puncturevine, or Tribulus terrestris) and weigh them for a chance to win a prize, donated by local businesses. This event is a collaboration with the Grand County Weeds Department, the Community Recycling Center, various local businesses, and devoted private citizens.

    This event will take place at the Community Recycling Center from 9am - 12pm on three separate Saturdays - September 16th, 23rd, and 30th.

    To participate in the 2023 Goathead Gala, please fill out this form and follow the steps below:

    • Only Goatheads can be entered for weigh-in
    • Securely contain all submissions - ex. doubling up heavy-duty disposable bags, containing in lightweight plastic bins, etc.
    • If you participate in more than one event date, the results from each weigh-in will be added together

  3. Will you need assistance in transporting your Goatheads to the Community Recycling center?

    We cannot guarantee transportation, but we will coordinate where we can.

  4. If you answered maybe, please contact at least two days before the event to coordinate.

  5. What dates are you available?

    This event will take place between 9am and 2pm on the dates listed below. Volunteer hours will be flexible within that time frame.

  6. Thank you!

    Grand County Weeds Department

    (435) 259-1369

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