Bid Title: Professional Planning Services for a Comprehensive Land Use Study and Level of Service Analysis
Category: Community Development
Status: Closed


Grand County Land Use analysis Request for Proposals – Clarification – August 31, 2021

Preamble – The County wishes to examine 3 long range development scenarios that articulate land use strategies in terms of infrastructure - both current and future.  We do not expect the re-examination of current plans, or regulations. But the current zoning designations in the Land Use Code to indicate a level of development for short term rental, high density housing, and other uses to be measured against a long range land use framework. 

  1. Page 5, Task 2, Item 4
    1. Comment - The title of the RFP focuses on the land use element and level of service analysis, but we see Task 2, Item 4 seems to imply that we would be updating connectivity and mobility elements, economic and community development, community facilities and services, natural and cultural resources, infrastructure, land use plan, draft community land use plan, shared vision and land use strategies with all stakeholders, and final community land use plan. Can you confirm if we are updating just the land use element or the full
    2. Response – the project develops land use descriptions, performance criteria, and mapping with managed growth strategies based on the factors listed. An internal General Plan project, as noted, and a consultant managed Transportation Master plan, are both currently underway, and this project will dovetail with those.  

There will be gaps in this analysis but the fundamentals will need to be analyzed, all of which are currently completed and available on our web site, like current and future plans for:

  1. Liquid waste;
  2. Water – including aquifer protection;
  3. Storm water;
  4. Hazardous land impacts - e.g. steep slopes and flooding;
  5. Environmentally sensitive areas including habitat preservation – e.g. migration zones and riparian areas; an
  6. It is not the responsibility of this contract to develop those plans any further.
  1. Page 4, Item 5
    1. Comment - Can you explain the Level of Service Analysis? Is it updating the current General Plan 5.3 Level of Service Benchmark Analysis? If not, can you provide additional explanation as to what you are expecting form the Level of Service analysis (inputs, outputs, and how will this be used)? 
    2. Response – No, as noted above it is a functional analysis that integrates of servicing both current and future – to the extent that those plans are available – and then developing 3 growth scenarios. The County currently uses various infrastructure designs, installations and proposals to identify growth scenarios with options. For example a basic analysis example could be:
      1. Level of service 1 – e.g. most development nodes or downtown cores - fully serviced and analyzed for all impacts and generally supports growth in all land use types including range of residential uses that will include higher densities, commercial, industrial, etc. but dependent on compatibility and balance of growth scenarios;
      2. Level of service 2 – e.g. fringe areas around Level 1 – usually contains water, access, managed environmental impacts, a sound level of storm water management – supports lesser residential densities, some commercial, low impact industrial, etc.
      3. Level of service 3 – e.g. rural areas – localized water and sewer systems – either single or double parcels – supports rural residential, un-serviced warehouses, etc.
  2. Page 5, Task 2, Item 6
    1. Comment - The Community Code Update is beyond a typical General Plan update. Can you confirm if this scope of work will be limited to a code review plus advising how this tool should be framed (annotated outline; sample graphics; scope; strategy) to implement the future land use map and plan, and does not include drafting the zoning code, subdivision regulations, architectural standards, and regulating plan at this time? Would you consider this subsequent implementation tool a good candidate for UDOT Technical Assistance Program funds, to assist with additional budget after the General Plan is adopted?
    2. Response – Yes, we would like the consultant to identify a sound LUC framework that reflects the significant proposed land use changes in the GP.  Staff will be collecting LUC issues in parallel with the General Plan update to ensure consistency. Any future funding options or recommendations for next steps are always warranted.
Publication Date/Time:
8/18/2021 3:30 PM
Closing Date/Time:
9/17/2021 4:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Deadline for Submittals is Sept. 17, 4:00 p.m.
Contact Person:
John Guenther, Planning & Zoning Director, Grand County Utah
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