I purchased my property this year, do I need to pay for the whole year?
Title companies will, along with many other services, prorate the current year tax to the best of their ability, splitting taxes between the Seller and Buyer for their proportional share, based on 1) number of days owned by each, and 2) most up to date tax information available from the Treasurer. Usually the title company will pay the sellers portion of the property tax directly to the County Treasurer and the Buyer will then pay the remainder by Nov 30th. Your tax bill will show any prepayments that were made by the Seller. However, sometimes the Title company will credit the Buyer at closing for the Seller’s prorated amount and the Buyer will need to pay the entire tax amount by Nov 30th. Your closing documents will show any credit you received for the current year taxes. The current owner of the property is always responsible for all property taxes regardless of when the taxes were charged.

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7. I purchased my property this year, do I need to pay for the whole year?
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