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Ravenna Grass and Giant Reed Assistance Program

  1. Thank you for your interest in our Ravenna grass and Giant reed removal program! Your participation is an important part in reducing the impact of noxious weeds in Grand County. 

    We offer no-cost treatment and removal services for Ravenna grass and Giant reed. Replacement plant vouchers are also offered to aid in revegetation and reintroduction of native plant species. Replacement vouchers are redeemable at Wildland Scapes Plant Nursery.

    For all other noxious weeds questions and requests, please contact the Weeds Department at 435-259-1369

  2. What species are in need of removal?*
  3. Would you like to request a site assesment?

    If you are not sure which species are on your property, we are happy to come identify which noxious weeds are present.

  4. What is your preferred treatment method?

    Treatment methods for both Ravenna grass and Giant Reed include mechanical removal (the use of hand tools to dig out roots), chemical treatment (the application of an herbicide to cut stalks), or a combination of both methods at the homeowner's discretion.

  5. Giant Reed (Arundo donax)
  6. Ravenna grass (Tripidium ravennae)
  7. Preferred method of contact*
  8. Thank you! We will reach out in December to schedule treatment dates.

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